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Deidre Henry - Trainer/Instructor
Darla Wright -Trainer/Instructor

Deana Tate - Instructor

Eryn Carter - Instructor

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 The family tradition continues...


Deidre Henry



 Deidre has a unique personal quality that allows her to communicate with the horses/ponies she is training in a positive and productive manner. Dede has a talent for teaming horses/ponies and riders/drivers. She has successfully teamed many amateurs and junior exhibitors with their horses to numerous championship awards.  Deidre had the opportunity to work for Lawrence Carrs, Bill and Maria Knight as well as Darlene Deblois.
    Deidre has been riding and driving since the age of 4 and showing since age 5. She has earned numerous NEHC High Score Awards in several divisions. She received the U.P.H.A., Chapter 14 Pony Junior Exhibitor award.


  Darla Wright

Trainer/Instructor, Manager - Horsemanship Programs


     Darla has a keen sense of awareness and a strong work ethic which contributes to her success at High Tail Acres. She communicates very well with the horses/ponies she is training with patience and perseverance.

Her instructional ability has allowed her to team many junior exhibitors and amateurs with their horses/ponies she is training to many championship awards.

Darla had the opportunity to work for Edward "Hoppy" Bennett at Undulata Farms in KY.
Darla began her riding and driving career at age 3 and has been showing since age 4. She, too, has earned numerous NEHC High Score Awards in several divisions. Darla also had the opportunity to catch ride and drive throughout her junior exhibitor years.

Deana Tate



       Deana’s communication skills and outgoing personality afforded her a special relationship with her students, both young and adult. Deana’s ability to instruct in a positive manner has been rewarded with her students successfully becoming formidable show ring competitors.
Deana has been riding and driving since the age of 3 and showing since age 4. She has earned numerous NEHC High Score Awards in several divisions. Deana's obvious talent allowed her many catch rides and drives throughout her junior exhibitor career.

Deana worked for Chris Cassenti of Chrislar Farms and Darlene Deblois of Darcol Stables.
Deana has recently reinstated her professional status and has begun taking on riding students once again!


Eryn Carter



      Eryn began her riding instruction at High Tail Acres in 1997. As Eryn progressed through our program, her devotion to the sport and her ability to easily communicate with her peers and the younger students afforded her the opportunity to become a counselor at our summer programs and an apprentice instructor in our lesson program. During her junior exhibitor show career, Santana's Silver Dawn was leased for her to show in the ASB Hunter Country Pleasure and Junior Exhibitor Hack divisions. She and Dawn enjoyed great success, qualifying for the ASB Hunter Country Pleasure Championships held in St. Louis each year. During her final junior exhibitor year, Model of Excellence was leased for her to show in the Hackney Pleasure Driving division, where Eryn and Mojo qualified for the National AHHS finals in Kansas City and showed at the World's Championship Horse Show in Louisville, KY. At Louisville, Eryn was the recipient of the AHHS Scholarship. She also received the UPHA Chapter 14 scholarship. Eryn exhibits a generous and caring attitude toward her students. Her specialty is starting beginner students.

Deidre Henry & Darla Wright-Trainers/Instructors

 Deana Tate & Eryn Carter - Instructors   

Dawn & Skip DelTorchio


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