HTA Events 2022- Tentative


  • 1/8~Hawkewood Suits and Academy Attire-Linda and Gail - Exeter, NH

  • 1/17~MLK School Day Off Program- Monday January 17 - HTA-Full


  • 2/23&24~February 2-Day Program- 9am-2pm - HTA

  • 2/20~UPHA Ch 14 Winter Tournament- Specially Designed Stables-Arundel, ME


  • ​3/20~UPHA Ch 14 Eastern Winter Tournament Finals- March 20th - Specially Designed Stables-Arundel, ME                     


  • 4/2&3~Show & Academy Intensity Program-HTA

  • 4/3~Show & Academy Presentations-HTA

  • 4/19-23~UPHA CH 14 Spring Premiere Horse Show-West Springfield, MA *NO Academy

  • 4/22~UPHA CH 14 SYMPHONY OF HORSES- West Springfield, MA


  • 5/18-21~Greater Boston Charity Horse Show*- West Springfield, MA


  • 6/1-4~Devon Horse Show-June 1-4 - Devon, PA

  • 6/11~Photo Shoots- ErynEPhotography- HTA 

  • 6/19~HTA Summer Fun Show- HTA 

  • 6/29-7/2~Syracuse International Horse Show*- Syracuse, NY 


  • 7/7-9~Summer Kick-Off Horse Show*- Deerfield, NH

  • 7/11-15  ~Week 1 Summer Horsemanship Program- 9am-2pm - HTA- Full in the barn- spots available through Newburyport Youth Services in March

  • 7/18-22 ~Week 2 Summer Horsemanship Program- 9am- 2pm - HTA- Full in the barn- spots available through Newburyport Youth Services in March

  • 7/25-30~New England Morgan Horse ShowNorthampton, MA


  • 8/4-6~UPHA CH 14 Summer Classic Horse Show*- Deerfield, NH

  • 8/8-12  ~Week 3 Summer Horsemanship Program- 9am-2pm - HTA-Full in the barn- spots available through Newburyport Youth Services in March

  • 8/20-27~World's Championship Horse Show- Louisville, KY


  • 9/2-4~ASAM Summer Spectacular Horse Show*- Deerfield, NH

  • 9/11~HTA Fall Fun Show-HTA

  • 9/29-10/2~Deerfield Fair Horse Show*- Deerfield, NH


  • 10/8~Photo Shoots- ErynEPhotography- HTA

  • 10/10~Columbus School Day Off Program- 9am-2pm - HTA

  • 10/26-30~Octoberfest Horse Show and Academy Championships*- West Springfield, MA


  • 11/11~(FRIDAY)Veteran's School Day Off Program* only held if we do NOT attend the American Royal Horse Show

  • 11/7-12~UPHA American Royal National Championship- Kansas City, MO


  • ​12/4~UPHA Ch 14 Winter Tournament- HTA

  • 12/18~HTA Holiday Party- HTA 

  • 12/28&29~December Vacation 2- Day Program- 9am-2pm-HTA

*Indicates Shows with Academy Classes