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Training Program

    The Training Program at High Tail Acres, LLC is individualized to meet each horse's/pony's unique requirements for success.  Deidre Henry and Darla Parro are experienced and successful trainers.  They work together as a team to bring out the best in your horse or pony. We strongly believe in a rotation of training exercises, so as to avoid boredom, especially in the more mature horse/pony.  In the young, green horse/pony, each desired phase of training is done with patience, kindness, and reward.  Repetition of the newly acquired skills is very important in the training process of the young horse/pony.  The training techniques include long lining, riding, driving, bitting, lunging, and hand walking, balanced with proper nutrition and relaxation. 


Patience, along with practice, equals success.


Please call for more information.

Stalls are available for training horses.



Farrier: Sandvil's Anvil


Veterinarian: SRH Veterinary Services


Equine Dentists: Gary Saccocia 


Massage Therapist: Watkins Equine Sports Services





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